Efficient communication starts with using the language of your audience.

Mayacom offers translation services from English and Spanish to French, and from French to English.

Our translations stand out by our attention to details, precise terminology and clarity of style. Our philosophy: to go beyond simple words, and translate your message accurately with your audience in mind.

Leaders in their respective industry in Canada and the USA rely on Mayacom for their translation needs.

Our translation management tools ensure consistency and uniformity in terminology, while reducing your cost and production time frame.

Advertising campaign, technical literature, corporate communication and human resources, training programs, you can count on Mayacom to make sure your message is understood.

Our expertise :

More than 15 years of expertise in editing and translation for the trucking and commercial transportation industry. In-depth knowledge of the specific terminology. Extensive contact network to validate terminology. Recognized by leaders of the industry.

Vast experience in the automotive industry. Precise terminology and in-depth technical knowledge. Years of experience in journalistic editing and translation in this specific industry.
Vast experience in editing and translating Human Resources policies and training programs. Knowledge of HR legal regulations.
Experience with corporate editing and translation, business profiles and descriptions, corporate biographies, internal policies and public relations.
Vast expertise in advertising and slogan adaptation. High capacity to translate message beyond words. Great marketing and public relations flair.
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Send us your documents via email and we’ll send you a quote within 24 hours. Make sure the document is not locked with a password. We also offer text insertion services for translated documents for InDesign, Illustrator, PowerPoint and Photoshop formats.
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Mayacom works with Trados Studio 2014 for the translationMayacom works with Trados Studio 2019 software for all our translations. This tool allows us to ensure consistency and uniformity for every client’s specific terminology. It also allows us to modify, edit and manage your translation projects, to reduce cost and production time.

They trust Mayacom for their translations