Your marketing tools in French

Your marketing tools in French: Ready for Expocam?

The biggest truck show in Montréal, Québec, is just around the corner. Expocam 2015 will take place from April 16th to the 18th. As most of you know, this truck show is unlike no others in North America: over 90% of the attendance is French speaking, and some of them do not speak or read English.

Of course, English being the international business language, most people in Québec, in or out of the trucking industry, do manage to understand most of what they’ll read. But are you satisfied with your customers understanding only « most » of your marketing tools? Or would you rather make sure they fully understand the message your marketing team has been working so hard in creating?

The first rule of marketing is simple: if they don’t get your message, they won’t buy your products. The second one is also clear: your market won’t adapt, you need to adapt yourself to your market. AService de traductionnd what better proof of the interest and respect for your French speaking customers than to show you care, by addressing them in their own language?

This is where Mayacom comes in. We offer translation services specialized and dedicated to the trucking industry. We have more than 10 years of experience and a thorough knowledge of the trucking industry, its suppliers, its key players and its particular terminology. We don’t just translate words: we translate your message.

Mayacom can help you make sure your customers leave ExpoCam with a positive impression on your products and services. For more information on our translation services and rates, contact us at 450-538-2373 or via email at .

See you at Expocam!

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